The Plan

It took me something like four days to start planning some things for my project. It’s not like I’ve spent these four days working on it, it has just been a busy week and, although I’ve been taking my guide everywhere I haven’t had time to organize the ideas I write in my notebook.

So I have 11 months. The guide I have is divided by neighborhood and there are 22 chapters, which means 2 neighborhoods each month. The thing is most chapters cover more than one real neighborhood so I’ll have to hurry if I want to do it all in 2012. The bright sides are: the majority of neighborhoods covered by the guide are inside what they call the Central Zone, or Zona Central in Portuguese and some chapters are ridiculously full of shit and I’ll be able to tick them in a day!

About the distances in Sao Paulo: It may be tricky for someone who doesn’t know the city to think that just because it’s all in this Central Zone it would be easy to go from one place to another. It’s not exactly far but Sao Paulo is a big city and places are kind of far from each other if you are walking – that’s one of the reasons why people use cars so much here. I have to say that being a citizen of this great –by all means- city I don’t perceive the distances as a tourist would do.

My plan was to start by a chapter full of things I had already done so it wouldn’t be really hard for me to get used to the tourist/local idea. I say it was because my friend Bruno called me today and we are probably having lunch tomorrow and I’ll take this as an opportunity to tick his neighborhood. I don’t know much about the places of this chapter of the guide and I don’t think there will be many things for me to do, but this is probably my beginning.


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